5 Ways to Reduce Pain and Inflammation With Gold Spectrum CBD

5 Ways to Reduce Pain and Inflammation With Gold Spectrum CBD

According to recent polls, pain and inflammation are the number one reason that Americans use CBD. Surveys show that 69% of consumers use CBD for pain relief, and with a 68% success rate, the vast majority of consumers experiencing pain report that CBD has drastically reduced their pain levels. Another poll by Project CBD asked respondents to rate their pain levels on a scale of 1-10 before and after using CBD: by the end of the survey, pain levels had plummeted from a score of 7 to just 2.75.


Decades of research suggest that CBD provides potent pain relief, and decreases pain related to a variety of conditions, from chronic pain and inflammation, to neuropathy, painful digestive conditions, arthritis--and so much more. 


Clearly, then, CBD has incredible pain-relieving properties. But not all CBD is created equal, and finding the right products for your type of pain is essential to achieving these results. This is why Gold Spectrum CBD offers a wide variety of pain-relieving products, with something to offer for everyone--no matter what type of pain you experience.

  • The Optimal Pain Regimen: CBD Oil and CBD Topicals
  • For optimal pain relief, Gold Spectrum suggests combining our CBD Oil with our CBD Topicals. While our CBD topical can be rubbed onto a localized area for instant pain relief, our CBD Oil provides long-term relief, and can prevent pain and inflammation from escalating to chronic levels.


    This is why a combination of the two is ideal for pain management: the lotion offers instant relief in the problem area, and serves as your go-to when you experience flare-ups or swelling periodically. The CBD Oil, meanwhile, works around-the-clock to strengthen your body’s defenses against pain in the long term. Using a CBD tincture allows consumers to replenish their endocannabinoid system, restoring the body’s ability to achieve homeostasis, and to prevent pain from interfering with everyday life. 


    CBD tincture prevents pain in a variety of ways. These include reducing inflammation, interfering in pain signaling between the body and brain, and reducing the severity of the painful sensations we experience.


  • CBD Topicals: Instant Relief, Wherever You Need it Most
  • Our CBD Topicals are an excellent complement to any pain management routine, especially if you are using other CBD products (such as tinctures) to quell your symptoms. CBD topicals are suggested to relieve pain, arthritis, inflammation, irritation, painful skin conditions, muscle aches, and more. 


    Our Lavender Lotion is easy to use, and offers instantaneous results. Simply apply our CBD lotion to the painful area; within minutes, you will experience powerful, lasting relief from pain, inflammation, irritation, aches, and stiff or sore joints. 


    When topicals are applied to the skin, the CBD they contain penetrates the surface, sinking into deeper tissues to target the underlying causes of pain in the tissues, joints, and muscles. Here, CBD binds with cannabinoid receptors to regulate pain and inflammation, targeting pain at its roots.


    Formulated by experts to optimize pain relief, our topicals are dominant in terpenes hand-selected for their superior analgesic benefits. Our Lavender Lotion contains high concentrations of linalool, a terpene found in lavender (and hemp) that has been shown to offer powerful pain relief, especially when applied to the skin.


    Likewise, our Mint Lotion amplifies the analgesic benefits of CBD with high concentrations of limonene, the dominant terpene in spearmint that naturally occurs in hemp. Like linalool, the limonene in our Spearmint Lotion is hand-selected for its equally impressive pain benefits


    3 . Long Term Pain Relief & Prevention: CBD Tinctures, Capsules, and Gummies

    Topicals, vaporizers, and flowers are excellent supplements to any cannabinoid pain management routine. For optimal pain benefits, however, we recommend using these faster-acting products as complements to our longer-lasting, high-bioavailability staples, such as our CBD Oil.


    Our CBD Oil circulates throughout your system around-the-clock, constantly reducing pain and inflammation to produce long-term benefits for managing pain, and potentially preventing pain from escalating to a level that interferes with your everyday life. With a consistent routine, CBD Oil offers pain relief in the long run by reducing inflammation; dulling pain signals between the body and brain; and reducing the severity of the painful sensations we experience.


    For those who are uncomfortable with the taste of CBD Oil, we offer other long-lasting alternatives that are simpler to consume. Our CBD Capsules and Gummies also provide long-lasting pain relief, and are easy to take on-the-go for benefits you can count on throughout the day.


    1. Nerve Pain: CBG & Delta 8 THC

    Some pain is more difficult to treat than others, especially when it comes to nerve pain, also known as neuropathy. CBG has taken the spotlight in scientific research for its neurological benefits--including its ability to intervene in the faulty nerve signaling that causes neuropathic pain. 


    Gold Spectrum’s expert team has curated and grown genetically-superior, high CBG strains in order to make these benefits accessible to all. 


    The result? Our Moon Rocks, which combine CBG with Delta 8 THC. Like CBG and Delta-9 THC, Delta 8 is shown to offer powerful relief for nerve pain, as we discuss below. 


    When it comes to managing nerve damage, Gold Spectrum’s CBG Moon Rocks offer a powerhouse of pain relief. Our Moon Rocks are created with our White Gold CBG, a high-quality, high CBG hemp strain; next, we coat our CBG flower with our Delta 8 THC oil, which enhances pain relief; and finally, we coat our Moon Rocks with CBG kief, an extremely potent collection of trichomes (the most potent and therapeutic part of the cannabis plant).


    1. Delta 8 THC: A New Option for Pain Relief

    Gold Spectrum doesn’t stop here when it comes to innovation in the cannabis space--we also offer a line of Delta 8 THC products, which have exceptional benefits for pain management. 


    “THC” may sound familiar: Delta 9 THC the psychoactive component that produces the psychoactive effects (or “high”) associated with using marijuana. Delta 8 THC, on the other hand, is considered far less psychoactive than its chemical counterpart--while still offering the same benefits of THC for pain relief. 


    Moreover, Delta 8 is legal, and easy to access in various forms--including moonrocks, cartridges, wax, and tinctures--through Gold Spectrum CBD. This provides a therapeutic alternative to those who suffer from pain, but cannot legally access medical marijuana (which contains higher levels of Delta 9 THC) in their state. 


    Like CBG, Delta 8 THC is an ideal alternative for those suffering from specific types of pain that are otherwise difficult to treat. These include neuropathy, and various conditions caused by nerve damage. Delta 8 THC also relieves spasms, the painful symptoms associated with certain chronic conditions, and much more. 


    Our Delta 8 products include: 

    Gold Spectrum CBD: Products & Pain Management

    We are passionate about equipping customers with the resources they need to prevent pain from interfering with their quality of life. For this reason, Gold Spectrum CBD offers a unique, wide-ranging selection of products and cannabinoids that have something to offer for everyone, no matter what type of pain you experience.

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