Enjoy Hassle-Free Vaping With Disposable Vapes

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Disposable Vapes for Every Style 

Want the perfect way to satisfy your cannabis needs on the go? Explore our disposable vapes! We carry different types of disposables to cater to every consumer, no matter how you like to enjoy cannabis. Whether you want a disposable vape with a certain cannabinoid profile, flavor, battery life, or size, you can find tons of disposable vapes at Gold Spectrum.

Compact & Discreet

For those times you need to enjoy cannabis covertly, disposable vapes are ideal. Good disposable vapes, like ours, create minimal visible vapor or odor, so you can discreetly take a quick puff from your disposable vape. The USA has varying sentiments surrounding cannabis use, depending on the state where you reside. If you live or travel somewhere you don’t feel comfortable openly enjoying cannabis, disposable vapes are a terrific option.

Easy & Convenient

When you want to travel light, vaping is best. Disposables have everything you need to consume cannabis, wherever you are, built into one compact device. Plus, they’re designed so you can safely throw them away when they run out of liquid, or their battery dies. Enjoying them is easy; disposing of them is even easier.

More Flavors to Choose From

Treat yourself to one of our dozens of disposable vape flavors! Enjoy the benefits of cannabis with tastes you crave each time you take a puff. If you’ve been looking for flavored cannabis products besides edibles, vapes are a convenient alternative.

Why Choose Gold Spectrum? 

Gold Spectrum is dedicated to making easy-to-use products featuring high-quality cannabis. Our disposable vape pens contain oil infused with our carefully selected and tested THC, THCA, and CBD. We are one of the best disposable vape brands for shoppers who want well-rounded options in terms of flavor, potency, and vaping experience. 

Premium Quality

We source all our cannabis and additional ingredients within the USA. This allows us to carefully track where our cannabis has been and how it’s been processed before it makes its way into any of our vapes. We thoroughly test each batch of cannabis for potency and purity so that we can give you clean, high-quality products.


We provide a Certificate of Analysis with each of our products. Here, you can see the cannabinoid profile to understand the type of vaping experience you’ll have. You can also find results on testing for fungus, mold, and pesticides and feel confident you’re enjoying a clean product.

Batch Testing

To ensure precise and impartial results, we send our products out to third-party labs for testing. This is the best way to get an accurate assessment of the cannabinoid content and purity of our products. We understand that while cannabis regulation continues to evolve, our customers want to shop with confidence and know exactly what they’re getting. 

Fair Prices

The perfect disposable vape at the perfect price does exist. At Gold Spectrum, we’re passionate about making our products accessible to every consumer. That’s why we do what we can to make our product line affordable. Shoppers can save even more by using our Subscribe and Save service, which guarantees regular deliveries on time at a discount. 


We’re here to show consumers the many benefits of our disposable vapes! Below, you can find answers to common questions about our products.

How do disposable vapes work?

Disposable vapes consist of a battery, a coil, a heating chamber, and cannabis-infused liquids. When turned on, the battery sends electricity to the coil, which then heats the liquid. The liquid turns into vapor, which you then inhale. Some disposable vapes are activated via buttons, while others are draw-activated, meaning all you have to do is take a pull from the mouthpiece to activate them.

How long do disposable vapes last?

The lifespan of a disposable vape is usually measured in puffs. The size of the battery and cartridge will influence how many puffs a vape creates, but most last anywhere from 300 to 600 puffs. We sell USB-chargeable vapes that can extend the range even further.

Can I order disposable vapes online for delivery?

Because disposable vapes contain cannabis and cannabis regulations differ from state to state, you will need to check your local cannabis laws before placing an order. You can also find a list of states to which Gold Spectrum ships on most of our product pages.

How do I choose the best disposables for me?

When selecting a vape, consider the experience you want to have. Choose disposable vapes with more THC-heavy liquids if you desire more intense effects; stick to low-THC/high-THCA vapes if you want a milder experience. Also, consider the battery lifespan, and choose a disposable vape that is long-lasting if you’re a frequent vaper.