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Gold Spectrum CBD is not just a retailer, but a trusted wholesale distributor to businesses across the country. Entrepreneurs know Gold Spectrum for our high-quality products that their customers love. Business owners, checkout our wholesale site below and apply for an account to start selling Gold Spectrum CBD and THC that your customers will keep coming back for.

Made in the USA

All products are 100% American Made and formulated in our state-of-the-artUSA facility.

Highest-Quality Products

All of our ingredients are sourced in the United States, and are third party laboratory certified.

Top-Quality Assurance

Every batch of products we make goes through third-party testing to confirm contents. We believe in transparency,You should too.

Small or Large Quantities

No matter the order, we have the capacity to provide what you need.

Quick Order Fulfillment

You can always count on us to fulfill your orders on short notice.


Gold Spectrum was founded in Tennessee with a vision to be an industry leader in quality, transparency, and competitive pricing. Our distribution began in Medical Practices, but we work with everyone from Spas to Smoke Shops. At Gold Spectrum, we know what it's like to build a business from the ground up. No matter your size or niche, we have the capacity and on-boarding strategy to exceed your expectations and set you up for success.


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Wholesale Info & FAQ

Buy Cannabis Wholesale with Gold Spectrum 

Want to deliver your customers high-quality, pure, and clean cannabis products? Become a Gold Spectrum wholesale cannabis buyer. We know that premium products turn first-time shoppers into life-long ones. That’s why we are committed to quality at every step of our manufacturing process, starting with carefully chosen crops to create meticulously crafted products. 

Outshine the competition and meet your margins. Source your product from Gold Spectrum, one of the best wholesale cannabis suppliers for dispensaries, delivery companies, and more. 


Gold Spectrum helps you build trust with your customer base by putting transparency first. We provide a Certificate of Analysis with each of our products. Here, customers can review the percentages of each cannabinoid, as well as see test results for pesticides, fungicides, and molds. 

Batch Testing

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. That’s why we send a randomly selected sample of our hemp-derived THC to a third-party lab. This gives us access to accurate and unbiased results regarding cannabinoid profile and potency. Our customers love this level of thoroughness, and so will yours.

Fair Prices

Every shopper seeks affordable retail prices, and dispensaries are no exception. If you're wondering who supplies dispensaries with bulk cannabis at low prices to ensure customer savings, look no further — Gold Spectrum stands as your go-to provider. For those considering where to buy cannabis wholesale to enhance cash flow without sacrificing quality, our offerings are tailored just for you. Visit our website today to discover how Gold Spectrum can meet your needs with competitive pricing and exceptional products.


Navigating the world of shopping wholesale, dispensary supplies, and distributor regulations can feel overwhelming. We’re here to answer questions about all your wholesale needs.

Do I need to be a licensed retailer to buy cannabis wholesale?

Cannabis regulations are complex enough for consumers — and even more complicated for wholesale THC shoppers. They not only vary from state to state but also across operations. For example, in some states, a different license is required for selling cannabis at a storefront versus having a delivery-only business. We recommend cannabis distributors consult a legal expert before launching their business.

What products are available for wholesale purchase?

Almost all of Gold Spectrum’s products are available to our cannabis wholesale clients. Whether your business caters to customers interested in smoking, enjoying edibles, incorporating topicals into their routine, or something else, we offer our full range of products to our wholesale customers.

I’m in a rush; how fast can my bulk order arrive?

If you need your order to arrive faster than usual delivery times, reach out to our support team. We do everything possible to fast-track orders and help our wholesale cannabis customers meet deadlines. As cannabis retailers, we know that sometimes you juggle tight schedules. We’ll work with you to keep your operations running on time.

Is there a limit on how much I can buy? What about a minimum?

Regulations surrounding legal quantities for retail versus whole cannabis, as well as interstate shipment, vary across the country. Speak with your legal team before placing a large order with us. 

Have a product moving off your shelves consistently but not in large quantities? We’ll be glad to restock it for you, even if you only need a small supply.

Are your wholesale cannabis products tested? 

Absolutely! Our wholesale products undergo the same testing procedures as our consumer items. Wholesale cannabis buyers can rely on the same level of quality and transparency as our retail customers.