Exploring Tennessee's Evolving Hemp Policy

Exploring Tennessee's Evolving Hemp Policy

Tennessee has been making significant strides in its hemp policy, with the Tennessee Growers Coalition and Cultivate Tennessee leading the way. These organizations have been instrumental in shaping the state's hemp industry and advocating for positive changes. In this article, we will explore the evolving hemp policy in Tennessee and the impact it has on growers, consumers, and the overall economy.

What is the current state of hemp policy in Tennessee?

Tennessee has been at the forefront of hemp cultivation and production. In 2014, the state passed the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program, which allowed the cultivation of industrial hemp for research purposes. This laid the foundation for the development of a robust hemp industry in the state.

Currently, Tennessee follows the guidelines set by the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the production of hemp at the federal level. This means that hemp with a THC concentration of 0.3% or less is considered legal in the state.

How is the Tennessee Growers Coalition shaping hemp policy?

The Tennessee Growers Coalition is a collective of hemp farmers, processors, and industry experts who are dedicated to advancing the hemp industry in the state. They work closely with lawmakers and regulators to advocate for favorable hemp policies that promote growth and sustainability.

One of the key areas the Tennessee Growers Coalition focuses on is expanding the market for hemp products. They believe that by increasing consumer awareness and demand, the industry can thrive and create more opportunities for farmers and businesses.

What is Cultivate Tennessee's role in the changing hemp policy?

Cultivate Tennessee is another organization that plays a crucial role in shaping hemp policy in the state. They focus on education, research, and advocacy to promote the responsible cultivation and use of hemp.

Cultivate Tennessee works closely with farmers to provide them with the necessary resources and knowledge to grow hemp successfully. They also collaborate with researchers and scientists to conduct studies that contribute to the understanding of hemp's potential benefits and applications.

How is hemp policy changing in Tennessee?

Recently, a new bill has been proposed in Tennessee that could significantly impact the way consumers buy cannabis products. The bill aims to establish a regulatory framework for the sale and distribution of cannabis, including hemp-derived CBD products.

If passed, this bill could provide more clarity and consistency in the hemp market, ensuring that consumers have access to safe and high-quality products. It would also create opportunities for businesses to thrive and contribute to the state's economy.

Gold Spectrum's founder, Zack Green, was asked what the new bill would mean for the industry. He said: "The new bill would up restrictions and require everything to be registered with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, something not done now. The move could help remove some fly-by-night operators in the space" (Memphis Flyer).

At Gold Spectrum, we pride ourselves on holding our products to a higher standard and require lab testing. In order to remain transparent, we share our lab results with our customers.

While the bill is still under consideration, it highlights the ongoing efforts to refine and improve hemp policy in Tennessee. As the industry continues to grow, it is crucial for policymakers, organizations like the Tennessee Growers Coalition and Cultivate Tennessee, and stakeholders to work together to create a sustainable and thriving hemp market.


Tennessee's hemp policy is evolving, thanks to the efforts of organizations like the Tennessee Growers Coalition and Cultivate Tennessee. These organizations are driving positive changes that benefit farmers, businesses, and consumers. As the state continues to refine its hemp regulations, it is essential for all stakeholders to collaborate and ensure the growth and success of the industry.

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