Gold Standard


At Gold Spectrum, we’ve taken our flagship hemp and created a THC-free version for some of our products so that everyone can experience the benefits of pure CBD isolate. Through our extensive distillation process, we can successfully extract the trace amounts of THC naturally found in full-spectrum hemp extract and create a product with non-detectable levels of THC. 

Lab Tested

In the hemp industry, there is a general lack of standards for producers. Most public laboratories have difficulties collecting reliable test results for several reasons. We treat testing very seriously here at Gold Spectrum and thus spend large amounts of money and resources doing quality control. We strive to improve our product constantly and to ensure the quality and consistency of our product are consistently above par.

We aim to raise the bar for the quality of the hemp industry products by setting an example. We want to encourage hemp producers to raise the standards of their products through analytics and quality assurance and raise the quality of the whole industry. We want to partner with other producers to discuss techniques and expertise in hemp cultivation and raise the bar for the hemp industry by ensuring quality and consumer safety.

Many products on the market contain pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, and dangerous mycotoxins. We use cutting-edge testing and world-class equipment to ensure that our products are safe and healthy. We test for over 200 different pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. Our quality is verified by our GMP certification and third-party laboratory testing. And also developed from American Grown Hemp.

GMP Certified

Our products at Gold Spectrum are GMP CBD products that have been created with standards in place for hygiene, facility conditions, manufacturing batch records, laboratory controls, material control, and responsibilities of complete quality standards we stand by. 

 100% Organic

Gold Spectrum produces and farms their own 100% Raw Hemp that is grown 100% in the USA organically and to the highest standards.

Tennessee Grown

Gold Spectrum Hemp provides the cleanest, most reliable Hemp to enhance your well-being and lifestyle. We achieve this quality through state-of-the-art extraction processes that preserve the holistic anatomy of the Hemp-plant. Preserved are micro amounts of various legal cannabinoids and terpenes that significantly improve the synergetic effectiveness of our Hemp. Once this base material is formulated into our bottled product, we send random samples from each batch for a second and final 3rd-Party Lab Test to ensure proper potency and cannabinoid profile before it ever leaves our Tennessee facility. We are dedicated to product transparency in both testing and labeling true Hemp content.  We believe anything grown with heart is superior to mass-produced, and we at Gold Spectrum are proud to infuse our products with the same love and care we have for each of the plants on our farm. We believe plant medicine is real and will be the catalyst to help humanity get healthier as we progress society. We at Gold Spectrum are proud to be part of the movement as Tennessee Entrepreneurs.