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Indulge in Something Sweet

Looking for a convenient and tasty way to incorporate cannabis into your lifestyle? Edible gummies are the sweet treat you’re after. Available in a range of products, from sour fruit rings to chewy cubes, there are infused gummies for every palate and preference. Discover the versatility and deliciousness of edible gummies with Gold Spectrum!

Dosage Precision

When you smoke cannabis, it can be hard to know exactly how much THC, THCA, or CBD you’re inhaling. No two people take the same size puff, and puff size influences your experience. When you enjoy our THC-infused gummies, you control your cannabis journey. You’ll see the cannabinoid content (including percentages of THC) on each packaging, so you’ll always know what you’re in for.

Extended Effects

While the impacts of inhaled cannabis can show up within minutes and typically disappear within a half hour, the effects of edibles are known to last much longer. In fact, many edible consumers experience peak effects at the two to four-hour mark. 

Flavor Variety

There are almost as many flavors of cannabis-infused gummies as there are regular gummies. If you’re looking for THC products you won’t grow tired of, edible gummies are an excellent choice. We are always coming up with new innovative blends to deliver a rotating selection of flavors.


Achieving a sense of well-being is as easy as popping a gummy in your mouth. There’s no need for rolling papers, lighters, or baggies full of flower. Simply carry your tin of gummies in your bag, and euphoria is never more than a few chews away.


Avoid the harmful effects of smoke on your lungs by buying our edible gummies. If you are trying to live a smoke-free lifestyle for your own health or the consideration of others, cannabis gummies let you continue to enjoy the benefits of THC and THCA without exposure to smoke.

Buy Edibles Online with Gold Spectrum

At Gold Spectrum, quality and transparency are non-negotiables. We source not only our cannabis but all other ingredients within the US, guaranteeing you premium products when you shop with us. Our design and cultivation teams select and craft every product to meet the unique needs of our customers. 


In an industry that’s constantly evolving, we want our customers to feel confident in their cannabis purchases. That’s why we provide a Certificate of Analysis with each of our products. This shows you a full breakdown of the cannabinoid content, indicating the type of experience you’ll have. 

Batch Testing

We take quality control seriously, which is why we don’t do our testing in-house. Instead, we send a random sample of every product to a third-party lab to give us unbiased results. We want to ensure our products meet your demands for potency and purity and believe outside-party testing is the best way to do this.

Fair Prices

So, how much are edibles in a market where pricing varies widely? This is a common question many cannabis enthusiasts exploring the best options need to consider. Whether it’s euphoria, relaxation, creativity, or some other benefits you’re after, we don’t think you should have to overspend to get them. We price all our products competitively to deliver our customers clean and potent items at palatable prices. 


New to edible gummies? We understand that you might have questions about our products. Below, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about our gummies.

How long does it take for gummy edibles to take effect?

While the effects of smoking can show up almost instantly, the effects of edibles can take 30 to 90 minutes to kick in. The delay is because edibles need to work their way through your digestive tract and liver before hitting your bloodstream.

What does the high from THC edibles feel like?

This will greatly depend on the unique cannabinoid profile. THC-heavy edibles will produce the high commonly associated with THC; those with a lower THC content and higher THCA and/or CBD content will create more of a body relaxation.

How should I store edible gummies?

It’s best to keep your gummies in an air-tight container or pouch. When you order THC gummies online from Gold Spectrum, we’ll ship them to you in this type of packaging. Store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or moisture. You can also extend the shelf life of your gummies by storing them in the refrigerator.

Can I order THC gummies for delivery?

With cannabis laws differing across the country, check your local regulations before attempting to order THC gummies with us. We sell a variety of edibles with varying percentages of THC — one of the most regulated cannabinoids. So, confirming that the product you’re ordering will be allowed into your state is essential.